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Red Letters is now an Amazon Exclusive!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (sorry!), but I don’t like to waste words on frivolous stuff (like the sushi and tequila I had last night…oh wait, I just wasted words…)

But I now do have something to mention. My debut novel, Red Letters, as of Monday May 13th is Amazon exclusive! What does this mean? I’ve enrolled it in KDP Select, a service Amazon offers authors that gives us the ability to offer limited time promotions (like free if we wanted!), some additional exposure on their site, as well as the ability to be part of the Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL). What does KOLL mean to a reader? If you own a physical Kindle (not an app), and are part of Amazon Prime, you can BORROW one book per month for FREE…now including Red Letters!

So if you’re a Kindle owner and have been on the fence about Red Letters, now is a chance to borrow it for free and take a peek. As of Monday the 13th it should be live.

Non-Kindle owners, I must apologize in advance. Being part of KDP Select has one major drawback – exclusivity. Red Letters will only be available for Kindle or paperback; I have to remove it from the Nook store, iBooks, etc. but only for a 90 day period. Call it a limited time trial.


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