Author Krystina Stevens

Wow, what a great 5-star review from the esteemed Cara Bristol!

Erotic, fresh, sinister
5.0 out of 5 stars

Neglected by her workaholic fiancé, Tania feels unloved and lonely. When the letters and gifts arrive from a secret admirer, they are just the pick-me-up she needs to feel better about herself. And when her relationship with her fiancé further deteriorates, she surrenders to the urge to meet this mystery man who seems to know exactly what she needs.

Wow. What a sexy and sinister read. To be clear, Red Letters is NOT an erotic romance, but an erotic thriller about a woman whose secret admirer is not what he appears to be. Author Krystina Stevens leads the reader down a dark and sexy path from erotic titillation to terror and keeps the reader guessing every step of the way. As the reader, you know Tania choices aren’t good ones, but you don’t fully understand what the stakes are until the author shows you. Red Letters is a well-written fresh story that feels very real from beginning to end. The tension builds slowly, incrementally as the story unfolds until by the end, you can’t the book down.

HUGE thanks Cara!



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