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Wow, what a great 5-star review from the esteemed Cara Bristol!

Erotic, fresh, sinister
5.0 out of 5 stars

Neglected by her workaholic fiancé, Tania feels unloved and lonely. When the letters and gifts arrive from a secret admirer, they are just the pick-me-up she needs to feel better about herself. And when her relationship with her fiancé further deteriorates, she surrenders to the urge to meet this mystery man who seems to know exactly what she needs.

Wow. What a sexy and sinister read. To be clear, Red Letters is NOT an erotic romance, but an erotic thriller about a woman whose secret admirer is not what he appears to be. Author Krystina Stevens leads the reader down a dark and sexy path from erotic titillation to terror and keeps the reader guessing every step of the way. As the reader, you know Tania choices aren’t good ones, but you don’t fully understand what the stakes are until the author shows you. Red Letters is a well-written fresh story that feels very real from beginning to end. The tension builds slowly, incrementally as the story unfolds until by the end, you can’t the book down.

HUGE thanks Cara!



I’ve officially thrown in the towel on “free services”. The writing biz is too important!

Over the weekend something very bizarre happened to me. My Yahoo Mail account suddenly was overwhelmed with emails I hand’t seen for weeks. Some of them were VERY important (such as a book reviewer who has done work with Sylvain Reynard emailed, interested in Red Letters!) and had been sitting unread for WEEKS. Why? Because something went wrong between my website/email host and Yahoo, and Yahoo Mail wasn’t pulling emails. Then all of a sudden it did.


When I started this whole writing thing, I used every free service I could find. Email, hosting, whatever. Why wouldn’t I? I hadn’t earned dime one on my books, and wine was so much more important in the budget. So my email address was No big deal, right? But (a) that’s not very professional, as it screams amateurism by using a free email provider, and (b) I was at the whims of a free service that caters to hundreds of millions, with no one to turn to for technical support.

I recently switched to a paid web host where I put my blog (instead of the free it’s – much more professional, right?) and they also provide email for their monthly fee. Oh, and tech support. But because I started with Yahoo for mail, I just forwarded to my Yahoo account, not thinking anything of it. Then wham – serious delays on some seriously important messages.

So no more – I will not be using my YMail address any longer, only my personal one:

Writing is a business, no matter what some may say about the “noble pursuit of just writing stories.” Writers need readers, and those readers need to see the writer as a professional who is proud of his or her craft.

Bottom line: sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Writers: Do you have any tips on the business side like this?



Fun Red Letters trivia fact

Fun Red Letters trivia fact: Tania’s fab friend Katie was almost named Dani, but I thought Dani was too exotic/sexy, so I saved that name for a different character. Katie sounded more fun. Those of you who have read it – good choice for both names?


The first ‘poor’ review for Red Letters…but they didn’t actually “review” it! How frustrating…

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 11.53.46 AMI just noticed a two-star rating on Goodreads for Red Letters. It’s the FIRST rating or review under 4 stars yet (something which I’m very proud of!). And I don’t mind poor reviews – as a matter of fact, a book with a few not-so-great reviews, I feel, has more credibility in the eyes of a reader. At least they won’t think I set up sock puppet accounts, or had every friend and relative post a glowing review for me!

But the reason I’m frustrated is that the reviewer didn’t say a word about it. I LOVE hearing feedback, whether positive or negative, because it can help me become a better writer for the next one. If several reviews mention “the dialogue is unrealistic”, or “the author kept repeating the word ‘then'”, etc., then (sorry!) I know I have something to work on, to improve upon. But just to put two stars as a rating and move on? Bummer.

Anyway, just a quick vent…back to the next work!


How to get GoodReads reviews to appear on your Kobo page!

My book Red Letters has been out for several weeks and so far had garnered over a dozen reviews, most of which are five star (yay!). However, after someone tweeted me saying they “rated” Red Letters on Kobo, I went to that book page and noticed that Kobo actually uses GoodReads for reviews, and only allows ‘ratings’ from Kobo readers. I thought, “great, I’ve got five fabulous reviews already on GoodReads!” – but lo and behold, none of them were appearing. WHY? I screamed, then burst into sobs…okay, not really. I turned to Google. And found this excellent tutorial from Eric Edstrom:

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 11.31.57 AM


After a whopping five minutes of my time, BAM – my GoodReads reviews appeared on Red Letters’ Kobo page, like Internet magic! See?

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 11.33.22 AMIt’s a matter of “adding the book as new” when GoodReads can’t find the Kobo ISBN, then combining the editions into one. From there Kobo pulls the reviews from GoodReads via that ISBN, and I’m golden.

Hope this helps others, Eric’s site was extremely helpful!



Kindle Giveaway to Celebrate the Launch of RED LETTERS!

December 21st, the longest night of the year, and in theory the end of the world, right? Not just those two cosmic events occur, but it’s also the LAUNCH DAY for my erotic suspense thriller RED LETTERS!

By now you’ve probably seen the cover art, the Pinterest board, the incessant tweets and Facebook posts, so I figure one more won’t kill you. And YOU can benefit! I’m giving away a Kindle WiFi to one lucky entrant in my launch contest! Use the PunchTab box below to log in (Facebook or email), then earn an entry for tweeting, sharing, repinning, commenting, and so on. The more you participate (and to be honest, that participation helps me a great deal!), the more chances you have to win.

I will announce the winner on New Year’s Day; contest is open until 11:59PM ET New Year’s Eve. So jump in, help me spread the word about Red Letters, and possibly win a Kindle!

Here it is, the brand new cover for RED LETTERS, my erotic suspense thriller that hits (hopefully) next week!

I’ve been writing Red Letters for quite some time now – and thinking about it for even longer – and had been using a work-in-progress cover. It’s the image in the blog header above, and I thought it was classy, elegant, and clean. But now that Tania Lane has come to life, I wanted something much more robust and exciting, and something that shows more of what happens in the story. So without further ado, the brand new cover for RED LETTERS!


SO? What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments on it below. This baby’s in final edits now and I hope I can get her out before the holidays, so look for it soon!







Free erotic thriller short for the weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m doing a weekend freebie for the first in my short erotic thriller series LUST AND LARCENY.

It’s on Smashwords and using the coupon code RJ68Q it’ll be the low-low price of free!

I’d love to get some feedback/reviews posted, so if you’re looking for a quick thrill read, check out the sexy thief Ariana Walsh!



Story imitating art? Dutch art heist ties in with a scene in my erotic short!

Well, this was eye-catching for me! As a preface, here is a snippet of a scene from my erotic thriller short, Lust and Larceny:

“Hey, don’t knock impressionism,” Ariana said. “That’s a Monet. London, the Parliament, Effects of Sun in the Fog, it’s called. I love the way the sunlight spreads across the surface of the river. Just a hint of what’s in the sky above. Oranges and reds. Sexy.” She took one last deep breath, tasting his scent.

Trevor reached over and stroked her shoulder. “With the money we just made,” he said, overemphasizing the first syllable of the word money, “you can probably buy an original Monet.”

Ariana groaned at his lame pun. If there was one thing Trevor was lacking, it was a sense of humor. However he more than made up for it with his other talents.

She laid her right hand on his chest and rested her chin on it, looking at him with a grin. “It is an original.” She bent her head forward and bit his nipple. “Now how about that celebratory tequila?”

She gave his softening cock one last squeeze and got up from the bed. She picked up her black button-down shirt from the floor and threw it on, then padded over to the kitchen. The floor was chilly; not for the first time she regretted having this studio apartment done in hardwood. These winter nights, she’d much rather have had a nice wool carpet, perhaps a fine Persian. Maybe in the next one.

“Original?” Trevor called from the bed. “Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously.”

She picked up the bottle of Casa Herradura Seleccion Suprema and pulled out the glass stopper. It had been several weeks since she had savored her favorite libation, and her mouth watered. She sniffed the open bottle, breathing in the cinnamon and vanilla aromas. She saved this particular tequila for special occasions such as this. A cool forty million distributed among her various offshore accounts certainly qualified as a special occasion.

“How much did it cost?”

She picked up the glass she had set aside for Trevor and poured three fingers of the amber liquid into it. “Not sure. Maybe eighteen or so.” She reached up into the overhead cabinet and took out her favorite fluted tequila snifter and poured her own three fingers.

“Eighteen grand? Seems like a bargain for some famous original.”

She set the bottle down. “Million.”

“Eighteen…million?” His voice rose half an octave and Ariana smiled.

“Something like that. A gift from a former boyfriend.” She held the two glasses up to one of the tiny LED lights in the kitchen ceiling and swirled them. The light filtered through the amber and cast yellow tinged beams onto the countertop.

“I’m feeling a bit inadequate,” Trevor said with a small laugh. “How am I supposed to compete with that?”

Ariana walked back into the bedroom and kneeled at the edge of the bed. “You don’t need to, babe. He’s moved on.” She handed him his glass. “It’s just you now.”

Now, here is an article on an art heist that happened yesterday in Rotterdam. Not the same painting, but it’s the same impressionist subject, London, that Monet used quite often:

Thieves broke into a Rotterdam museum on Tuesday and walked off with works from the likes of Picasso, Monet, Gauguin and Matisse potentially worth hundreds of millions.

Among the stolen paintings were… Claude Monet’s 1901 “Waterloo Bridge, London” and “Charing Cross Bridge, London”…

Whoa. I swear it wasn’t me. Or Ariana, or her former boyfriend. Really.

Summary of Red Letters, due fall 2012!

Tania Lane is a young housewife in rural Connecticut who has fallen unwillingly into a routine of boredom. Her husband Martin, an ambitious investment banker, spends his days and many late evenings in New York City on business, leaving Tania alone in an upscale Westport neighborhood new to the couple. When he is home, he’s distracted, busy, and tired. Married life wasn’t turning out like she had hoped.

A red envelope turns up in the mail one day, addressed to Tania with no return address, and her boredom turns to excitement. The envelope contains a single slip of burgundy parchment paper that bears one handwritten phrase: “You are beautiful.

Over the next two weeks, every other day, another letter arrives with a different, yet thrilling message. Tania keeps the letters from Martin, only letting her lone friend in the neighborhood in on the secret, wondering who her admirer is.

When erotic gifts start showing up by private courier, Tania’s excitement turns to lust. And when her mysterious admirer knocks on the door, her world is turned upside down.

Life will never be the same. But Tania’s fantasy admirer may not be all that he seems. Lust can have consequences.

Look for Red Letters this fall!

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