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Just a sample of some of the online reviews Red Letters has received since its debut:

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Krystina Stevens has just become one of my new favorite authors and I can’t wait for the next book! I couldn’t put this one down! Tania Lane is a character that most married or engaged women can relate to, and everyone should have a solid yet kooky friend to help her get through anything. The character development and progression of the book were spot on. Rarely do I find characters that are so relatable in an indie book. The twists and turns are spectacular, leaving you guessing with the turn of every page, and just when you think life is good again for Miss-Taken, here comes the ending. Read this book people, you won’t be disappointed!

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I was excitedly counting down the days until the release of Red Letters. It promised erotic suspense, mystery, and thrills, and delivered all of that plus so much more.
The thought of having a secret admirer is thrilling, exciting and mysterious. But what happens when the thrill is gone and you’re in too deep? Stevens explores this in a way that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire length of the book, right up until the very last word. This was my first time reading Stevens’ work and cannot wait for more as she has easily moved to the top of my list of favourite erotic suspense writers.

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This book left me wanting MORE. I loved the realism of the angst that the heroine feels over a relationship that seems to be going nowhere and a man she loves that doesn’t appear to remember she’s alive. Combine that with some scorching and erotic sex, danger and an unexpected twist ending and you’ve got a winner! Would recommend this book to all of my besties! 🙂

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I could not put this book down,I was on the edge of my seat. The suspense was nerve wracking, the journey Tania goes through in this story. The surprises and turn arounds…wow. And the ending, what a shock! A must read!

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The book eclipses with an affair out of control and a police presence to bring closure. And the surprise ending gives the reader a comfort that leaves us and the characters feeling embraced. This was a wonderful read with characters filled with emotion and intrigue. Krystina Stevens gives us a taste of mystery with an eroticism that piques the imagination. I highly recommend this to the mystery buff as well as the sensual and erotic reader. You won’t be disappointed.

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It’s Christmas Day and I just finished reading Red Letters! I have devoured it every free moment I’ve had over the last couple of days! It had the right amount of friends, flirty scenarios that I like. A very surprising ending which really made me not want to put it down! Such a good read!

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Krystina Stevens takes us on a journey of Lust and drama. And this was in the first four chapters. I could not put this book down. It was well written and took us on a journey of first kisses, anticipation and absolute nerve wracking suspense. I loved this book and cant wait for more from this talented author! Do not miss out on this fantastic full length story from Krystina.

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This book surprised me, it is an erotic thriller that I couldn’t put down. Tania Lane has been waiting on her fiancee, Martin, to marry her for two years. She is often left by herself and feels abandoned. Suddenly she starts getting Red envelopes in the mail that leave her breathless and excited. They make her feel desired and wanting something exciting in her life. This book is steamy, thrilling and will leave you wanting more…

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The suspense will make you not want to stop reading. I couldn’t put my Kindle down! Red Letters is a must read!

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Definitely one of my new favorite authors!!! Such a great read – kept me captivated and I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to read more of her writing…….spellbound and exciting.

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The book blurb is spot on, an erotic suspense thriller. Just as in Ms. Stevens Lust and Larceny series, it contains a twist I did not expect. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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The story is a little slow in the beginning but as the Red Letters begin to show up Tania’s life is about to change. Her secret admirer Logan is all dominant male who wants total possession of her body and her life. He gives Tania what she’s been missing for a long time; hot, lustful orgasms but there’s another side to Logan one I didn’t see coming until the end and even at the end I was like “What”? Yes, the author Krystina Stevens has done it to me again! The ending I was expecting included a “shocker” I was not expecting.

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  2. WOW! So many reviews! And all of them good! Well done Krystina. Red Letters deserves them all!

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