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Lust and Larceny 2, the next in the Ariana Walsh erotic thriller short story series, is here!

The next Ariana Walsh story is officially here! I’m excited and proud to say that Lust and Larceny 2, another sexy heist thriller featuring the sultry and dangerous Ariana Walsh, has officially hit the e-book stores. And this time, she’s running into a problem she never saw coming.

Diamonds have always been known as a girl’s best friend. Ariana Walsh would agree, especially when they were stolen diamonds. And especially when she was the one doing the stealing.

Javier Garces is a handsome manservant to a rich diamond broker, one with access to some of the world’s finest jewels. And he has fallen under Ariana’s sexual spell.

Ariana and Javier pull off the diamond heist of a lifetime, but the thrills don’t end when the job does. From the broker’s study to the front seat of Javier’s SUV, Ariana will show him how much she appreciates his help. But sometimes lust can blind.

Lust and Larceny 2 is an erotic thriller short story of approximately 5,000 words (20 pages) and contains graphic sex and profanity. For mature readers only.

Lust and Larceny 2 is available for KINDLE US ($.99), KINDLE UK (£.77), SMASHWORDS ($.99), and is up and running on GOODREADS. And don’t forget about Ariana’s first erotic thriller, Lust and Larceny, for Kindle US/Kindle UK/Smashwords/Goodreads.

Pick both of them up for a third the cost of a decent glass of red wine, and enjoy!

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