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It’s DONE! The last chapter is complete for RED LETTERS, now on to the edit phase!

redletterswork600wUPDATE! Red Letters is NOW AVAILABLE! Pick up my debut erotic suspense thriller from all major e-retailers by visiting my Books page or clicking here!

So excited to announce that RED LETTERS, my debut erotic suspense novel, is complete! After months of crazy hours and hard work (well, as hard as typing at a keyboard can be, but hey, it’s mental work!), I typed the last chapter close last night. Even shed a little tear at my sappy ending (no spoilers!)

It’s going through a full edit pass this weekend, then into the hands of my editor for the REAL edits. With any luck, and fingers crossed that it doesn’t need a lot of work, RED LETTERS will hit the world’s virtual shelves right around holiday time.

So who’s tired of me calling it “forthcoming” and just wants to see it OUT??

Super Secret P.S.: If anyone wants a free advance copy after the edits and before it gets published, and is willing to read and leave a review online at Amazon, et al, leave a comment below or email me at and I’ll send you one ASAP!

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