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Excerpt from Lust and Larceny erotic thriller short

“There,” Trevor whispered, sliding the keyboard drawer back into the server rack. He powered down the remote entry point with a few quick switches, then pulled a flash drive from a slot and turned in his chair to face her. “All yours, baby.”

She leaned in and grabbed him by the back of his head with both hands and mashed her lips onto his. Her tongue darted in and found his, and he bit down gently. She bit back, being rewarded with a light coppery taste that filled her senses. He reached around and grabbed her, squeezing at the spot where her thighs ended and the curve of her ass began. She felt his fingers graze her mound through her jeans and she purred.

“Come on,” she said as she pulled back from the kiss. “The room alarms will reset in two minutes. We need to be elsewhere when they do, and we still have that damned vent.” She stood upright and pulled him by the hand as he tucked the flash drive into his pocket. “And you and I have plans.”


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