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Wow, what a great 5-star review from the esteemed Cara Bristol!

Erotic, fresh, sinister
5.0 out of 5 stars

Neglected by her workaholic fiancé, Tania feels unloved and lonely. When the letters and gifts arrive from a secret admirer, they are just the pick-me-up she needs to feel better about herself. And when her relationship with her fiancé further deteriorates, she surrenders to the urge to meet this mystery man who seems to know exactly what she needs.

Wow. What a sexy and sinister read. To be clear, Red Letters is NOT an erotic romance, but an erotic thriller about a woman whose secret admirer is not what he appears to be. Author Krystina Stevens leads the reader down a dark and sexy path from erotic titillation to terror and keeps the reader guessing every step of the way. As the reader, you know Tania choices aren’t good ones, but you don’t fully understand what the stakes are until the author shows you. Red Letters is a well-written fresh story that feels very real from beginning to end. The tension builds slowly, incrementally as the story unfolds until by the end, you can’t the book down.

HUGE thanks Cara!



Excerpt from Red Letters: Tania’s first gift, and a thrilling promise

I had just settled down in front of the television, sock feet up on the coffee table, wine in hand, overstuffed pillow tucked under my arm, when I thought I heard a brief knock at the side door. That wouldn’t make any sense; all of my product and supply deliveries came from UPS and they always came to the front door. The side door led into the garden area of our yard and out to the side road, our house being on a corner, but didn’t even have our house number marked there. Only friends and family ever used that door, or Martin when he needed to work in the yard.

I turned and looked back at the kitchen, but from where I sat I couldn’t see the door. I frowned, waiting to hear a second knock, or anything that would let me know what I heard was a knock at all, but nothing. The after a few seconds I heard a car door close, then the faint sound of a small car engine rev up as it pulled away.

white-wine-glass-sexyWhat the hell?

I set the wine glass down and stood up, dropping the pillow onto the couch. I walked into the kitchen and to the side door. It was a solid wood door, unlike our front glass door, so I couldn’t see out. I edged to the side window and peered out, but the walkway into the garden and out to the street was empty. The street as well.

Jesus, Tania. Nervous, jumpy, scared, worried. I was an emotional wreck.

This was stupid. I reached down and unlocked the deadbolt and grabbed the doorknob. I twisted it and yanked tore door open, as if the harder I pulled, the quicker I moved, the less dangerous the monster on the other side would be.

There was no monster. At my feet, sitting on the bristle welcome mat, was a small brown paper wrapped box. It was unlabeled, unmarked, and completely unremarkable in every way. Except that it was there, and I wasn’t expecting an unmarked box.

I looked out to the street, but as with my gaze out of the window, it was empty. I leaned out past the doorframe to look towards the front of the house, but still saw no one. The neighborhood was quiet, as it usually was.

I looked back down at the box. It was far smaller than any of my usual shipments came in. But I knew this wasn’t a shipment. I bent over and picked it up. It didn’t bite. It also didn’t weigh much more than an empty box of its size would. I held it up to my ear and shook it, and some bizarre memory of Christmas morning as a child flashed across my mind.

With one last look out to the street I stepped back inside and closed the door, then carried the box over to the couch and sat down. I placed it on the coffee table next to the wine glass, then picked the glass up and took a sip, staring at the box. It had to be related. But…

I kept thinking of the red letters, how beautiful they were, how elegant, and how bold the color was. Almost like the color itself was a message in and of itself. Something was nagging at me, that this box was somehow part of what was happening to me, but different.

I took another sip and set the glass down, picking the box up and leaning back in the couch. I rolled the paper wrapped package over in my hands. It was so light it could have been empty, so quiet inside it must have been empty. I set it on my lap and examined it.

The paper was carefully folded on the bottom and sealed with clear tape. I idly picked at the edge of the tape strip, then pulled it slowly the length of the package. It came off cleanly, not pulling any of the paper with it. Whoever had put the package together used high quality materials and had taken their time with it. This was certainly no mass-market package.

I pulled back the folded edge of the paper and saw a flash of red, and my heart skipped. I unfolded the other corners and spread them out, exposing a red box with satin finish. The color was identical to the letters. I ran a finger across the top of the box. It was smooth with just a hint of texture, just enough to indicate that I was touching something. But the feeling inside me was far stronger than that.

I put a hand on either side of the box and lifted the lid. It slid off with a slight hiss and I set it on the couch next to me. Inside was thin red paper, like one would find in a gift bag. I took a deep breath and lifted the crinkly paper.

Underneath was a folded piece of white material. My heart pounding, I reached in and lifted it out with both hands. I held it up in front of me, the light from my front window giving it an almost shimmer.

white-lace-thongIt was a white thong, made of extraordinarily fine silk. I sucked in another breath and felt my heart racing. I brought it closer to my face and inhaled. The same sweet musky scent. I closed my eyes and imagined wearing the thong, with the same scent, mixing with my own. I felt myself getting moist, and I rubbed the silk on one cheek.

I opened my eyes and caught sight of something else in the box. Still holding the thong in one hand, I reached in with the other and took out another red envelope. This one bore no name or wax seal.

I laid the thong back in the box and opened the envelope. Inside was a folded red paper, exactly as I expected. I withdrew it and unfolded it. The same silver ink, but this time only one word was written. But the one word gave my heart a flutter it hadn’t experienced before, one of anticipation, of excitement, of pure energy.



What does ‘Monday’ mean? Where doe Tania’s life turn next?

Red Letters is available for all e-readers and paperback! Use this link for the Bookstore, or click here to see what others are saying about it!

Blog Swap with erotica author Nikki Haze – a most definitely NSFW look at her works!

I’m thrilled to be able to host erotica author Nikki Haze today! Nikki’s been so supportive of other authors, and I’ve already read and reviewed  Working Closely, so I can attest that her work is flat out HOT. Like fanning face hot, quite a step above and beyond my sex scenes, that’s for sure! She is here to share excerpts from her SEXY DJ series, and claims to have “narcissistically” placed a fictional version of herself in the third book! So without further ado, Nikki Haze!

Nikki lives in the New York area in a building like the one described in her Whisper Towers series.  She drinks way too much coffee during the day and wine and night!  Head on over to her blog, where she’s featuring an exclusive excerpt from my novel RED LETTERS.


Sexy DJ Grey Haze

SEXY DJ1: GREY HAZE introduces you to the Haze DJs, trained by their mistress and mentor, Nikki Haze, who has turned the whole clan into coveted celebrity DJs.  Like all Haze DJs, Grey is a wild and disinhibted party girl with a proclivity for exhibitionism.  Grey is new to the Ibiza club scene and lives with her roommate (or are they more?) Redd Haze.


She untied the top of her leopard neon string bikini in a slow striptease; her eyes were just for the man at the bar.  He was the hunk from that TV show, she was almost certain of it.  What’s his name?  Loud hollers and screams rang out over the beat and she saw Felipe had even abandoned Redd’s lips to watch Grey as she tossed her top into the raucous crowd.

Grey turned in a little circle and ran her hands over her breasts and down her stomach.  She watched the amused expression on the stranger’s face and felt her nipples harden under his sweeping gaze.  He was egging her on.  More.

She gave the crowd her sexiest bump and grind before she jumped.  Shocked screams and hollers rang out from bellow as Grey dove over the heads of the patrons and pierced the water of the deep blue pool in perfect form.  Before she became a DJ, Grey was on the high school diving team. Although that was years ago, she still maintained her form and swam regularly to keep it all looking tight and sexy.

Sexy DJ redd haze

SEXY DJ: REDD HAZE takes the heat up a notch.  Redd is wilder and more experiences with spinning and with sexual experimentation.  She likes to be naked, fuck in public and especially likes to take it in the ass.  The story focuses on the beginning of Redd’s HAZE tour to Miami and Vegas.  In Miami she meets a sexy club owner who requested her specifically…


Redd’s fans surrounded her, screaming her name and begging for autographs.  She was a DJ for fucks sake.  She didn’t give autographs; she made art with her beats and put on a show.  She couldn’t pretend not to be drunk on the attention, though, and smiled flirtatiously at her admirers.  No one was allowed in the booth besides Charlie, who now had his hand on the small of Redd’s back.  He kept whispering in her ear and rubbing the palm of his large hand over her ass.

Finally she slid her headphones off and addressed him with an annoyed expression.

“What is it?” she screamed over the music.

In answer, he pulled loose the string of her Bikini and leaned down to her ear, “I want to see those gorgeous tits, and so does everyone else.”

She laughed, pushing at his chest before untying the rest of her bikini and tossing it at him.  The crowd became wild as men attempted to claw through the guards to get to her.  The shield around her was impenetrable.  Her tits were spectacular, and she wasn’t ashamed of spinning topless.  Grey was obsessed with Redd’s tits and liked to joke that they had magic powers.

Redd and Grey did Naked Haze every Saturday at Chispa, the most exclusive club on the island, but it was referred to by most as Slutty Saturday.  It started with a strip tease and ended with them wasted, sucking on each other’s cunts atop the DJ table.  Exhibitionism was the main ingredient for success as a Haze DJ.

SEXY DJ 3 INDIGO HAZESEXY DJ: INDIGO is next.  If REDD’s story turned up the heat then Indigo’s story lights a fire!  Indigo is excited that her friend comes to Vegas on her tour.  It’s clear to her that Redd and Nikki are skeptical of Indigo’s ability to take on the biggest club in town, Peace Burlesque.  With Redd’s poor influence and her praise of Indigo’s gorgeous cunt, she works hard to out fuck her friend in front of thousands of her fans.


Indigo felt all eyes on her as she swung her hips, throwing her arms up in the air.  The crowd was waiting for her to get naked.  She stripped with not quite as much showmanship as Redd, who was now licking a skinny redhead’s cunt while Jeremy fucked her ass.  Now Indigo got the attention and she sucked up every delicious moment of it.

Unlike the others, Indigo didn’t like to drink when she did a set, she wanted to feel it all, every moment of that rise and fall like an orgasm for her soul.

Indigo tossed her bra into the crowd, and to one-up Redd she took off her panties and garter wiggling them slowly off her hips.  She climbed up on the booth and spread her legs to the crowd, clad only in her thigh highs.  This was Burlesque after all, though no one was paying attention to the strippers on the pedestals.  The crowd cheered and she heard gasps at the provocation of her bared, wet pussy.

Indigo’s beats were blaring through her ears, her eyes trained on her friend’s wet and explosive ménage as she began fingering herself. Show them your beautiful cunt and you’re it.  She turned on the mic and held it to her lips so the sound of her quick and fast orgasm rang out, mixing in with the beat.

She knew just how to make herself cum hard and fast.  Her pussy was still quivering as she dangled her knees over the edge of the booth and crossed her legs, sitting up straight.  From above she saw Nikki, a pleased yet reticent expression on her face.  She was warning Indigo not to follow Redd’s example.  Indigo was so high on the attention she wouldn’t mind the kiss of Nikki’s whip right now.  She slid off each stocking, slow and teasing and tossed them into the crowd.

“Like watching me cum, don’t you, Vegas?”

The crowd screamed and hollered their answer.

“Who wants to watch me get fucked to my new beat?”

red and grey ignite PICSEXY DJ 4: REDD AND GREY UNITE shows the relationship between Redd and Grey deepening as they put on their SEXY SATURDAY show at Ibiza’s hottest club, where they co-spin naked.  The finale?  I full out menage on a very special stage.


He dumped both girls in the water  and they laughed as they swam out to the platform in the center of the water.  It was secured to the ground of the pool my chains that Juan had installed specifically for them.

Redd climbed aboard the large white raft just as Richard helped Grey slide on. He pulled Redd down onto the slippery wet floor and began licking a path to her swollen clit.  Grey heard a splash in the water and turned to see Juan swimming towards them, a dark look in his eyes, which were trained on Grey.

Redd leaned down on all fours and kissed Grey sloppy and wet upside down.  They laughed against each other’s lips at the inside joke.  Sometimes in their hotel room they practiced these sexy, dramatic and occasionally gratuitous kisses they would put on for show.  Then they would climb into bed together and sixty-nine, sucking each other cunts to see who could get the other off first.  Grey told Redd she would beat her tonight when they got home and in response Redd licked at her lips in another one of those over the top kisses.

Richard stuck two fingers in Grey’s pussy and Redd licked her nipples, as the platform dipped with Juan’s weight.  He gave the group a questioning look, can I join, and Richard addressed the girls.  They agreed immediately, “the more the merrier.”  From the look of Juan naked, muscled and stroking his thick cock, things were about to get a whole lot more interesting.

He knelt behind Redd and began fingering her pussy.  She kissed Grey again, moaning into her mouth, which turned to heavy heaving breaths as she gasped out her first orgasm down Grey’s throat.  Grey envied Redd’s ability to cum on command, almost as much as she envied Juan for getting it out of her so quickly.

Grey watched as Redd’s pussy quivered and dripped as Juan leaned down and licked a line down her ass crack and began sucking the juices out of her clit.  Grey was close, too.  Richard had a finger in her ass and two in her pussy as he clamped down hard on her clit with his lips.  She felt the room dip and sway as her toes curled, her body shivering and Redd slanted over her mouth.  Grey began sucking hard on her lips, feeling the force of her orgasm heaving out each breath.

Redd’s breasts were so perfectly round and impossibly high, hanging above Grey’s head as Richard pulled Redd’s lips away from her and took her mouth to his.  Grey reached up and pinched those gorgeous nipples until they were read, cupping Redd’s perfect breasts in her hand.

Nikki is currently working on the next SEXY DJ e-book: Cunt Race, as well as a spin-off  RED HAZE ON TOUR series.  Please don’t forget to check out her feature of Red Letters over on her blog!  You can follow Nikki on Twitter and the rest of her steamy reads can be found on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by, Nikki – best of luck, and hope everyone enjoyed the excerpts!



Excerpt from Red Letters erotic suspense thriller: Girls’ Night Out

I fussed with the one remaining strand of hair that insisted on flying free of the comb, then stood back to inspect the package. The jeans and long sleeved sweater I was wearing earlier, when I was expecting Martin for dinner, were long gone, replaced by a black leather miniskirt I hadn’t worn in a couple of years, thigh-high white stockings which I had never worn (and didn’t even remember where I had gotten them; probably a shower gift from the girls), four-inch black heels which were ridiculously uncomfortable but smoking hot, and a white button-down blouse with the top three buttons undone. My hair was up and I wore the dangling earrings again, but no necklace. I intended for my cleavage to speak for itself.

redletterswork600wI was beautiful, and desirable. And I did deserve something different.

I heard the front doorbell ring. I gave my hair one last spritz of hairspray and walked downstairs.

Robert stood on the front porch and tipped his cap when I opened the door.

“Evening, Miss Lane. You look wonderful,” he said with a smile.

I leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek. The heels I wore put me almost at the same height as Robert.

“Thank you, Robert, you are a sweetheart. Katie…”

“Is already in the car, ma’am.”

I straightened his tie unnecessarily. “Then let us be off.” I could play rich and pampered for one night.

Robert opened the rear door of the limousine to reveal Katie, sitting in the back, legs curled underneath her. She was pouring a bottle of champagne into a glass, then she caught sight of me and the champagne spilled onto the floor.

“Holy… Damn, girl!”

She climbed out of the limo and grabbed me by both shoulders, turning me slightly from side to side as if inspecting me. After a few seconds she nodded.

“Oh yes, this is a good look.” She kissed me on the tip of my nose. “I’m telling you, one of these days you’re going to get me to switch hit.”

I smiled and poked her in the ribs, through the tight fuchsia one piece she wore. “Only if you’re lucky.” I nodded towards the limo. “Let’s get this party started.”

Katie giggled and climbed back inside.


Jake’s was quieter than it had been for the nightclub hop, as well it should have been for a Tuesday night in Bridgeport. I saw immediately upon entering that Brad was behind the bar. The house music was muted, as it was only nine-something at night, and the real dancing wouldn’t start until at least ten.

Katie took me by the hand and led me to a rounded corner booth near the end of the bar, well within sight of Brad. I felt the cold vinyl on my ass cheeks as I slid in and gasped. I wasn’t used to wearing a skirt, and with a very minimal thong and stockings that barely reached my mid-thigh, I was quite exposed to the elements. However, I also felt a little rush of excitement as the seat warmed to my touch.

Katie must have sensed it as she put her arm around me and squeezed. “I know, isn’t this fun?”

Yes, it was.

A young waitress came up carrying a tray in one hand and a pen in the other. I noticed with some satisfaction that my skirt was an inch or two shorter than hers. Before she could say anything, Brad came around from behind the bar and tapped her on the shoulder.

“I’ve got this one, Carey.”

His eyes caught mine and I felt a slight blush come over my face. Here we go with the schoolgirl thing again.

“Nice to see you ladies again,” he said with a smile as the waitress left. “And you’re looking much more… coherent,” he said to Katie.

“Hey,” she replied, pointing at him, “I was perfectly sober, I’ll have you know. I was just making sure your tequila stocks were refreshed properly.”

He laughed and his green eyes twinkled. “And you look lovely, Miss Taken.”

I clasped my hands on the table in front of me. “Thank you.” I unconsciously ran my right hand over the slight indentations on my left ring finger where my engagement ring normally sat. “Ah, white wine please.”

“Two,” said Katie. “And two of those Annie Hoes.”

Brad frowned. “What?”

“Annie Hoes. The last tequila you gave us, the brown one.”

“Annie…” He paused and closed his eyes, smiling. “Gotcha. Be right back, ladies.”

As he walked away I watched his ass. He wore a tighter jean tonight, lighter in color, and it showed every curve.

Dammit. I was starting to regret this already. I wasn’t out looking, I just wanted to enjoy a night out, and perhaps attract a little attention. Something I was sorely lacking at home. But I had purposely left my ring at home, and the guilt was starting to creep into my mind.

“Hey, honey, relax,” Katie said. She always seemed to be able to read my emotions. “Just a few drinks, maybe you’ll take me out on the dance floor, and we’ll get out of here.”

She looked up as two young men approached the table. I sighed.

“And maybe, just maybe,” she said, nudging me with her elbow, “you’ll have some new motivation to go with your toy. You know what they say, right?”

“Um, no,” I said as the two men stopped at the edge of our table.

Katie leaned over and whispered in my ear. “With the right imagination, you can have any guy you want.”

I snorted a laugh, then covered my mouth.

“Mind if we join you?” one of the young men asked, obviously not deterred by our whispering and laughing. I wondered if I pointed and giggled if it would make any difference. They were attractive, young, eager, probably inexperienced. I glanced at Katie, who had a twinkle in her eye. She would tear them apart and make them cry for their mothers. Poor guys, I thought, and laughed again.

“Please do,” I said, feeling more confident.

Brad returned with two white wines and two tequilas and set them down as the two men slid in the round booth on either side of Katie and I. He glanced at me with a raised eyebrow and I gave him a small smile. His eyebrow rose higher, so I nodded. He returned my nod.

“If you need anything at all,” he said, staring directly at me, “I’ll be right over there behind the bar.”

He winked at me and turned away. The man that sat next to me raised his arm to signal Brad for a drink, but I could tell they were going to have a difficult time getting served by him tonight.

It was strange. Brad was obviously younger than me, but I got the strongest vibe of protection, like he was looking out for me. And while that was flattering, and perhaps helpful, it wasn’t stoking my fires. Almost like he was my brother or something.

I shuddered and the man next to me pressed in closer.

“Cold?” he asked, then extended his hand across my body. “My name’s Paul.”

I took his hand and shook it daintily. “Tania, nice to meet you.”

“I’m Scott,” the other man said.

“My name is Grace,” Katie answered with a straight face. I started to say something when I felt her elbow in my ribs again, so I cleared my throat and reached for the tequila.

“It’s añejo,” I whispered to Katie.

“What? Oh,” she replied, picking hers up and clinking it against mine. “Cheers, sister.”

“Cheers,” I said, then we both drank, seconds before the two men extended their beers in a late attempt to join in.

“Sorry, next round,” Katie said to Scott. “You’re buying.”

Oh yes, she’d tear them apart. They’d never know what hit them.


What do you think? Gotta love Annie Hoes! (And I’d love to hear your comments on the excerpt below!)


The first ‘poor’ review for Red Letters…but they didn’t actually “review” it! How frustrating…

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 11.53.46 AMI just noticed a two-star rating on Goodreads for Red Letters. It’s the FIRST rating or review under 4 stars yet (something which I’m very proud of!). And I don’t mind poor reviews – as a matter of fact, a book with a few not-so-great reviews, I feel, has more credibility in the eyes of a reader. At least they won’t think I set up sock puppet accounts, or had every friend and relative post a glowing review for me!

But the reason I’m frustrated is that the reviewer didn’t say a word about it. I LOVE hearing feedback, whether positive or negative, because it can help me become a better writer for the next one. If several reviews mention “the dialogue is unrealistic”, or “the author kept repeating the word ‘then'”, etc., then (sorry!) I know I have something to work on, to improve upon. But just to put two stars as a rating and move on? Bummer.

Anyway, just a quick vent…back to the next work!


Excerpt from RED LETTERS: Tania, alone, in many ways…


As the warm soapy water cascaded down my stomach, I twisted the dial on the jackrabbit. It came to life with a soft whirring sound, just audible above the running water. I touched the tip of it with my index finger, feeling the soft vibration, then ran my finger down the length of it. I slowly closed my hand around it, the vibrations running up my arm into my chest, and sighed. Another day alone, even when Martin was home. He was no more than fifty feet away, but he might as well have been in China.

I reached down and turned the shower handle farther to the left and the heat increased. I slid the tip of the vibrator down my stomach, giggling slightly when it touched my belly button, then grazed my mound. My giggle quickly turned into a moan as I placed the humming tip on my clit. I felt the electricity of pleasure course through my body as I rubbed it up and down along the length of my sex. I took a deep breath and pushed my fear of the monster toy aside and slipped it inside, biting my lower lip as I felt it press against sensitive areas. Neglected areas, I thought as I turned up the dial to the second setting. The vibrations increased and I rocked my hips slightly. The sensation of the new vibrator was so much different from my little ‘bullet’ as Katie called it. Stronger, more powerful, like it was taking control, pleasuring me for my sake.


I pushed it deeper inside, my slickness allowing it further with ease. The girth of it, much different from my smaller one, added to my enjoyment. I placed my other palm on the tile wall to support myself as I swayed. My breathing came quicker and in shorter intervals as I slid the jackrabbit in and out. I touched my clit with my thumb, feeling the swollen nub. I closed my eyes and thought of the red letter. I groaned as the wave built.

Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open. Some guilty instinct made me quickly turn off the vibrator just as Martin’s voice called out.

“Tania, I’m sorry. I’ve got to go into the city. I can’t get all of this done here, at least not today.” There was a pause and deep down I hoped he was getting undressed to join me before he left, but the tone of his voice made it clear that wasn’t the case.

“I don’t know if I’ll be back for dinner, but we’ll definitely go out tomorrow. Maybe McShay’s. Love you.”

I heard the door close and I leaned back against the shower wall, jackrabbit hanging inert in one hand.

“Love you too,” I whispered. Tears streaked down my face and merged with the warm water as I cried.


Red Letters is available for all e-readers and paperback! Use this link for the Bookstore, or click here to see what others are saying about it!

It’s DONE! The last chapter is complete for RED LETTERS, now on to the edit phase!

redletterswork600wUPDATE! Red Letters is NOW AVAILABLE! Pick up my debut erotic suspense thriller from all major e-retailers by visiting my Books page or clicking here!

So excited to announce that RED LETTERS, my debut erotic suspense novel, is complete! After months of crazy hours and hard work (well, as hard as typing at a keyboard can be, but hey, it’s mental work!), I typed the last chapter close last night. Even shed a little tear at my sappy ending (no spoilers!)

It’s going through a full edit pass this weekend, then into the hands of my editor for the REAL edits. With any luck, and fingers crossed that it doesn’t need a lot of work, RED LETTERS will hit the world’s virtual shelves right around holiday time.

So who’s tired of me calling it “forthcoming” and just wants to see it OUT??

Super Secret P.S.: If anyone wants a free advance copy after the edits and before it gets published, and is willing to read and leave a review online at Amazon, et al, leave a comment below or email me at and I’ll send you one ASAP!

Excerpt from forthcoming erotic thriller novel RED LETTERS

I looked at Katie’s other arm, which was still holding the bag straight out. Whatever was in the bag was smaller than the wine bag. “Tell me that’s not tequila.”

“Nope,” she said, setting it on the granite. “My present to you.” She reached into the bag and pulled out a small box, wrapped in colorful paper with a bow haphazardly stuck on top. She handed it to me and I looked at the comic font lettering on the wrapping paper.

“Happy Birthday?” I asked.

Katie shrugged. “All I had in the house. Besides,” she said with a mischievous smile, “it’s the thought that counts. And girl, I was thinking about you when I bought this.”

I squinted at her, but her face was impassive save for the smile. “Hint?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Open it.”

I tore the paper out from under the multiple strips of transparent tape she had nearly covered it in, finally exposing a white cardboard box. I glanced at Katie, whose smile was widening.

“Go on!”

I slowly opened the flap to the box, half expecting tortilla chips to come pouring out. Inside was a clear plastic box, the kind that hangs on a wall rack in a store. I pulled it out and looked at the bright pink object inside.

“Your very own jackrabbit!” she squealed, clapping her hands.

It was long, eight inches the label said, and thick. It had some row of beads about halfway down its length, four double A batteries packaged with it, and the most obscene little figurine mounted to one side.

I was terrified.

“Holy shit,” I breathed. “I’m supposed to stick this…”

“Where Martin won’t shine, baby!” She clapped again. “Oh, I was so going to get you the ten-inch model. I’ve got two of those…burned one of ‘em out! But you need to start slowly. I mean, if all you have is a little bullet thingy…”

“Start? Jesus, Katie, this thing scares the hell of me just looking at it.” I turned the package over and looked at the back. “Is it gas powered?”

She laughed out loud, the snorted. “No, that will be your Christmas gift.” She held up her hands when I looked sharply at her. “Kidding, kidding.” She walked around to stand beside me and started pointing at the parts of the monster toy.

“Waterproof. Very important for shower use,” she said. “Four different speeds, so you can, you know, change the mood. And look here,” she said, her finger tapping on the row of beads. “This section rotates. God, that’s friggin’ awesome.”

I felt my eyes start to return to their normal size, but was still petrified. For me, an adventurous night alone in bed was my four-incher and a cup of tea, not necessarily in that order. This thing was…terrifying.

“And the little thing on top?” I asked hesitantly, almost certain I knew her answer.

“That’s the piece of resistance. Or however they say that,” she said. She tapped the little figure, which from my angle did actually resemble a small rabbit. “For your big C.” She closed her eyes and started to hum. “Ooh, I have to go home now,” she said, then laughed.

I put the package back in the box and took a deep breath, blowing it out slowly. “Katie, I love you to death, but are you trying to kill me?”

“Silly. I’m trying to save you. From a life of boredom. Until your man treats you right, you need to take care of your own womanly needs.” She walked back to the other side of the island and crossed her arms, looking at me. “Or maybe I’ll call Brad to come over.”

“You do and I’ll call the fat man,” I countered. “I have his number.”

Her mouth fell open. “You’d better be shitting me.”

I smiled and slid the box to the side of the counter. “Maybe. Just remember, don’t mess with me.”

“Just you wait until you put that jackrabbit into action, honey. You’ll come running down the street to my house to thank me.”


Watch for RED LETTERS, releasing this fall, and read all about Tania, Katie, Martin, and Tania’s mysterious and dangerous admirer!

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SNEAK PEEK! Excerpt from forthcoming RED LETTERS erotic suspense thriller

Here it is, my lovely friends and subscribers, the first look at Red Letters, due later this fall. Tania Lane is ready for a night on the town, or at least she thinks she is:

“You look fucking hot.”

Katie stood on my front porch, staring at me open-mouthed.

I spent an inordinate amount of time getting ready for the evening, and I still wasn’t sure why. We had polished off the basket work, and the calzones, with hours to spare. Extra coffee always helped, and Katie’s hyper mood gave us even more of a boost. We had finished before the sun had even set, which I thought was quite an accomplishment considering the amount of baskets and the complexity of the order. Accountants paid well, but damned if they weren’t exacting when it came to ordering.

I had gone with black skinny jean (though I did feel a bit stuffed in them), high heeled black leather boots, and a tight fitting, low cut maroon blouse that showed a ridiculous amount of cleavage. And in a huge step for me, I spent over an hour curling my hair, giving it enough bounce to sit on my shoulders lightly. I pulled it over and behind my ears and went with long dangling diamond earrings, not my usual style, and topped it off with a plunging matching necklace. When I checked myself out in the bedroom mirror, I liked what I saw, but it was always nice to hear an unprompted comment. Even if it was from a friend.

And the fact that I wasn’t just looking hot, but fucking hot, gave me a little extra rush of excitement.

I wiggled my hips as I stood in the doorway. “Better than Converse, right?”

Katie whistled and nodded her approval. “Somebody’s looking for a man tonight.”

I held up my hand and gave her a warning glance.

“Right,” she said. “No man. But I’ll tell you, if I didn’t enjoy men so much, I might switch sides tonight. And I really enjoy men.”

I smiled broadly. “If your prospects don’t pan out, I’m home all night.”

Katie laughed and grabbed my arm. “Let’s go, hottie, before I take you to bed right here and now.”

“Hold on, I have to grab my purse and text Martin.”

Katie’s head lolled back on her shoulders. “Right, I’m sure he can’t stop wondering what you’re doing tonight.”

“It’ll just be a second.”

I turned and went back into the house, then picked up my cellphone from the kitchen counter. The lock screen was blank. No messages from Martin. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I assumed he’d be working late, of course, and half the time he did, he didn’t call or text. But I looked fucking hot, or so I’d been told, and I really was hoping he’d be coming home tonight to see me. If not now, later on.

I unlocked the phone and sent a quick text: “Going out to Jake’s with Katie. See you when you get home? Love you.”

I stuck the phone in my ‘going out’ clutch and headed for the door.

What do you think? Make you want to read more? Stay tuned, it’s almost here!

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