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I’ve officially thrown in the towel on “free services”. The writing biz is too important!

Over the weekend something very bizarre happened to me. My Yahoo Mail account suddenly was overwhelmed with emails I hand’t seen for weeks. Some of them were VERY important (such as a book reviewer who has done work with Sylvain Reynard emailed, interested in Red Letters!) and had been sitting unread for WEEKS. Why? Because something went wrong between my website/email host and Yahoo, and Yahoo Mail wasn’t pulling emails. Then all of a sudden it did.


When I started this whole writing thing, I used every free service I could find. Email, hosting, whatever. Why wouldn’t I? I hadn’t earned dime one on my books, and wine was so much more important in the budget. So my email address was No big deal, right? But (a) that’s not very professional, as it screams amateurism by using a free email provider, and (b) I was at the whims of a free service that caters to hundreds of millions, with no one to turn to for technical support.

I recently switched to a paid¬†web host where I put my blog (instead of the free it’s – much more professional, right?) and they also provide email for their monthly fee. Oh, and tech support. But because I started with Yahoo for mail, I just forwarded to my Yahoo account, not thinking anything of it. Then wham – serious delays on some seriously important messages.

So no more – I will not be using my YMail address any longer, only my personal one:

Writing is a business, no matter what some may say about the “noble pursuit of just writing stories.” Writers need readers, and those readers need to see the writer as a professional who is proud of his or her craft.

Bottom line: sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Writers: Do you have any tips on the business side like this?



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